In order to give greater value to all attendants, to our profession and in general to the MICE industry, we consider the professionalization of all of us who work in the design and management of events a key differential factor.

For this reason, the organization of Mallorca loves MICE is committed to offering conferences by international experts and the most practical and advanced specialized training:

Education sessions for all attendees

. Session: “Transformative experiences”

. Experiential sessions in small groups in different locations of the island

. Session: “7 simple ways of integrating CSR in events”

. Session: “Customer Experience Journey, strategy and tactics for planners and suppliers”


Round tables

. Trends and figures in the events industry in Mallorca

. Global trends in the events industry, with the participation of different MICE destinations

. Irresistible technology for events

. How can MICE destinations attract international events?


Advanced training sessions with limited places: 

To be announced soon.


In the 2018 edition, the following speakers gave the advanced training sessions:

Sarah Dodd

Sarah Dodd: “Social Intelligence for event planners”

The most useful intelligence in our sector is the so-called “Social Intelligence” because it includes, in addition to knowledge and experience, the ability to understand, treat and get along with the people with whom we interact.

She will tell us about it in a specific training full of anecdotes and motivation Sarah Dodd, a bilingual international speaker, writer and coach who has traveled to almost 100 countries around the world, giving talks and training and inspiring thousands of people along the way through his own experience and adventures.

Although she is North American, she has lived in Spain for five years. His Nomadic Dreamer project aims to spread a message of friendship and connection between countries, focused on traveling in a sustainable manner. It has a lot of diffusion in the networks and has been echoed by the main Spanish media: El Pais, ABC, la COPE, Cadena SER, RTVE, Huffington Post, and those of the countries she visits.

In her journey through the world, Sarah has explored deep human connections, communication, networking and she always seeks ways to reach and connect better with people. All these experiences have led her to be an expert in social intelligence, necessary in the professional aspect because she trains to build relationships, connect and express herself better.


Dr. Elling Hamso: “How to measure ROI of events”

Of Norwegian nationality, Dr. Elling Hamso created the Event ROI Institute in 2005 with the aim of studying in a more rational and profound way the real value of the events and the perceived by the clients who commission events to planners.

This approach involves a series of questions and reflections that allow us to learn not only to measure the results of events, but also to plan them better. Why limit yourself to measuring the satisfaction of the attendees if you can find out what extent the act has influenced the decision making of the participants, or whether they have reached their learning or networking objectives?

Establish objectives, measure results, communicate the value reached: in this advanced training we will learn a methodology that will help us to focus our proposals more effectively.

An outstanding member of the European Council of the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and one of the 50 most influential people in the industry according to Conference & Incentive Travel Magazine and Eventbranche, Dr. Elling Hamso will captivate us with his well-known methodology.

sebastian lora

Sebastián Lora: “The 3 pillars of persuasive communication and how to use them”

In a highly competitive and constantly changing economic environment, knowing how to communicate effectively is fundamental to influencing others and developing business relationships, essential skills for professional development.

Based on the three pillars of persuasive discourse, this interactive session offers participants three practical tools to gain influence by presenting their ideas persuasively in the professional environment.
Sebastián Lora is a trainer in communication skills, but it was not always. He graduated from Industrial Engineering and did an MBA with a focus in Aviation because his dream was to found an airline. But in May 2009 he gave a speech at a wedding to 600 guests and discovered his passion for oratory.

Today he is dedicated to train entrepreneurs, executives and groups of professionals through face-to-face and online courses, as well as conferences and its YouTube channel, to help them tell their story in a convincing and inspiring way and improve their ability to influence professionally.

Foto perfil redes · Patri Barcena

Patricia Bárcena: “Move your events to the Network”

Social networks have become essential channels in communication between companies and users. In “Move your events to the Network” you will learn all the possibilities that they offer you as a complement when it comes to setting up your event, whatever the type: a congress, a conference, a wedding, a blogtrip, etc.

We will see the different processes to be used in the 3 stages: pre, during and post event, with examples, practical exercises and tools with which you will be able to optimize time and obtain better results.

Social networks can help you in objectives such as: increase registrations, inform about the event, give more scope to what is happening or interact in real time with attendees, among others.
Level of prior knowledge: from basic to advanced.

Patricia Barcena is CEO of Sozialmas, an agency specializing in Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Tech Trends, and Bloggers Spain. Trainer and social media consultant for companies and events, Patricia is from Mallorca, with one foot in Madrid and another in Silicon Valley. Her three distinctive characteristics? Tireless, enthusiastic, with a vibrant personality.

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